We formulated Epothecary Elixirs and Speakeasy Bliss to provide pleasant, reliable and instantaneous effects. We use certified organic herbs along with natural and organic flavors to deliver our Awake, Breathe, Calm, Enhance & Bliss elixirs.

Elixir Vape Co. Elixirs combine the known benefits of herbal blends and vitamins with your favorite personal vaporizer or diffuser to create an instant, holistic and pleasurable experience.

Elixirs are generally safe and effective for most users. But since each person is different, we encourage you to be prudent when trying any new product and consider the warnings below.

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Efficacy of substances taken orally is approximately 30-35% within a 30-45 minute window. In contrast, the average efficacy of substances inhaled is 60-65% in less than ten seconds.

Substances taken orally must pass through the stomach and go through the process of digestion before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This process is both unreliable and inconsistent. And, ingestion can often cause upset stomach.

Inhalation, however, is a consistent, reliable, and nearly instantaneous method.


Our Epothecary Elixirs use well known herbs and vitamins to achieve our effects – natural substances that have been used effectively by humans for thousands of years in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and in Ayurvedic medical practices. We use only certified organic herbs.


Elixir combines artisanal craft with laboratory safety. Elixir products are blended and bottled in an ISO-9 certified cleanroom environment which is regularly inspected. Our extracts are certified organic and are produced in an FDA inspected facility.

We formulate with care – under the guidance of an MD and Herbalist. Elixirs are reviewed for dodge and potential interactions. We pay attention to detail, and we place your safety as paramount.



Green tea is used by many to improve mental alertness and acuity. It’s a known source of physical energy. Studies have found that green tea is helpful in preventing stress and chronic fatigue, improving skin and reducing inflammation.

Natural chemicals – polyphenols – are thought to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects.

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants and it encourages weight loss. In many places it is used to treat stomach disorders, vomiting, and headaches.


Yerba mate has been used as a base for herbal medicines for centuries, and the plant’s benefits and therapeutic properties have recently been verified by scientific studies.

Yerba Mate helps stimulate focus and clarity, boosts energy and is traditionally used to support weight loss programs that include a balanced diet and exercise.

Yerba mate contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin (B3), B5, B Complex. It also contains minerals such as Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc. Additional Compounds include Carotene, Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and 15 Amino Acids.


Ginseng is believed to benefits one’s stamina and helps boost energy levels. It helps athletes use oxygen more effectively, and it is believed to regulate metabolism, which can also increase energy levels.

Consumption of ginseng can also help athletes lower their recovery time and reduce stress. Ginseng acts as a stimulant for the brain cells and helps improve concentration mental clarity. Ginseng has long been used to stimulate sexual function.


Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders such as insomnia and restless sleep. It is well known to promote relaxation and drowsiness. Many people effectively use valerian as a natural sleep aid and some use it to replace OTC and prescription sleeping pills. Valerian is also used for conditions connected to anxiety and psychological stress. Often people use valerian for headaches, migraines, and upset stomach. Some people use valerian for depression, ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome.


There is some scientific evidence that St. John’s Wort may be helpful in treating mild depression, and the benefit seems similar to that of antidepressants. Millions of people use St. John’s Wort as a natural herbal alternative for elevating mood and reducing anxiety.


Eucalyptus contains chemicals that may help control blood sugar. It is known to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Eucalyptus contains properties that help pain and inflammation. The leaf is used for infections, fever, upset stomach, and to help loosen coughs and treat respiratory tract infections and asthma.


Peppermint acts as an expectorant and decongestant, and may help clear your respiratory tract. Peppermint may help relieve tension headache pain. Peppermint is soothing and promotes relaxation.


Research shows that cinnamon may lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, treat infections. Cinnamon may reduce inflammation, have antioxidant effects, and fight bacteria.


Captain James Cook discovered kava when he landed in the Pacific Isles in 1775. He named it piper methysticum which means “intoxicating pepper”. The roots of the plant are used to produce sedative, anesthetic and euphoriant properties. Kava is consumed throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, including Hawaii, Vanuatu, Melanesia and some parts of Micronesia. Kava is sedating and is primarily consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity. Its active ingredients are called kavalactones. Kava can be vaped without the health concerns of ingestion.


Your health and safety is very important to us. We ask that you carefully review these important warnings before using any of our products. The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician before taking any supplement. Do not use our products if you are pregnant or nursing.

Although our products use ingredients whose effects are generally well-known, each user will experience the effects differently. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to test your tolerance with a small amount before taking any significant quantity.

Do not operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery while using our Calm formula until you are familiar with its effects.

Stop using our products immediately if you experience any adverse effects and consult a physician for treatment if the conditions persists. Do not take our products if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.


Remember that our products are only one-half the equation for a safe and pleasant experience. Your vape is the other!

We recommend using our products with high quality vapes purchased from reputable sellers. Keep an eye out for any signs of damage. Be careful not to heat our elixirs to the point of burning.

The long-term effects of using a vape are not fully known. Discontinue their use if you experience any discomfort or unpleasant effects.